Elena has a three mic setup which includes:

Aston Origin 

Sure SM57 

AKG D112 


Elena's Kit Includes:

DW Maple Design Series- 10, 12, 16, 22.

14 x 5 LM400 Supraphonic

14 x 6.5 SLP Brass Snare

17" K Custom Fast Crash

20" K Custom Hybrid Ride

22" Istanbul Special Edition Jazz Ride

14" New Beats

16" Byzance Extra Dry Hi hats

20" Extra Dry Meinl Crash

And Various Percussion


"Elena did a very good job, she recorded a super nice and groovy drum part that fit perfectly to our song, she made a great video and was also very fast with the delivery. I can totally recommend hiring her."

-Christoph Eisi

"Working with Elena was so great. Her communication went above and beyond and the result was flawless."

-Danielle Daughton

"Elena was very communicative to me. She was very kind, patient, and took her time with me in finding a sound I was happy with. I would highly recommend Elena to anybody wanting live drums!"

-Adam Acosta

"Elena laid down a solid, tight drum track. Her mic setup pulls a great sound and the video was high energy. The use of rim click was a nice surprise - don't see that often enough on rock tracks. She was focused on making sure I was satisfied with the results and communicated promptly and thoroughly. Don't hesitate to book her gig. Thanks again!"

- Jason Hills

"Super talented and really fast. I highly recommend. Fantastic skills and has very good ideas."


"I was really excited to work with Elena after hearing her fantastic drumming with Blue Jellyfish and on other projects, and I wasn't disappointed at all. Elena is a brilliant drummer with a real emphasis on feel. She understood the vibe I was going for and nailed a perfect part to compliment my song. Great communication, great drumming and great service."

-James Harker